Friday, March 5, 2010

the simple things...

As I get older, I learn to appreciate the simple pleasures of life a lot more. For instance, look at the top pic. Ben is helping Cart shoot his first 20-2. (hence the huge ear muffs and no, Pedro would not budge, even after the gun was fired) A matching smile was on all three faces that day. (Ben's dad was there, too.) What a great, simple milestone. Can't believe my baby will be 4 next month.
The next pic is of Carter playing on the utility trailer down at our shop. He climbed around on this thing for hours, as I was getting teary eyed thinking, "I wish I could freeze this moment forever." and "He won't always be this easily entertained."
The last picture is of what he likes to call, "Mom, I help you cook, OK?" Can't wait to blackmail him with this at about age 14! And no, Robin, I'm not going to force him into entering 4-H cooking contests.... unless I find an unbeatable egg or beef recipe...

***no donkeys were harmed in the process***