Thursday, November 17, 2011

party of 4...soon to be 6

Believe it or not, these are all going to the same humble abode. One big sis, three brothers, and twin boys on the way... what a houseful of fun! These are door hangers for their bedrooms with an extra medium for Aidan. Both Aidan and Cooper have a 24 x 36 one on the way, too. Can't wait to start on the twins' duds next! Thanks again, Erin.

for a new buckaroo...

pumpkin carver & indian... a little catching up too!

Well, so far this fall has been a whirlwind... holidays, parties, school, church, bronchitis, you name it, we've done it! I know things won't be slowing down any time soon, but I'll try to post peeks of orders more regularly. Happy fall to all! (don't you love the bent down ears from the headband! and don't worry, he was supervised with the carving knife at all times... he did however, come up with the design with of the jackolantern, wonder where he gets that creative gene from?...!)