Monday, December 19, 2011

merry christmas sign-off...

This is our trusty mare, Sweet Sally. She's fat and sassy and literally only gets in a hurry when she thinks you have food. When I was taking a pic of a canvas this morning near the fence, she broke a sweat coming to check and see if I had her a treat.

I had to take a quick pic, she's so pretty!

well, I'll start by wishing everyone the merriest of holidays and a great start of a brand new year. I simply can't wait to stay around the house the next couple of weeks and spend some much needed time with my wonderful family.

Anyway, I am posting to say that I will be taking a lenghthy break from painting, and I will not be taking any orders until further notice - probably May, Junish...

Although I hate to do this, I have a really big job getting ready for Canton, MS Trade Days in the spring, and my family has been neglected for some time already. Thanks so much for understanding, and I'll catch up with you some time soon. Til then...I'll catch you on Pinterest! (my newest obsession)