Saturday, June 18, 2011

a father's weekend...

My daddy has always had some big boots to fill. He has always not only been a phenomenal story teller and teacher, he is still the one to go to for medical advice, home improvement jobs, and is surprising an excellent artist. He has been both stern and tender, rough and loving. But, most of all... Daddy. Happy Fathers' Day to all our hard working men in our lives. My Ben is also an amazing father, which I thank my heavenly Father for daily. If all dads loved their children in the way our Father loves us, the world would absolutely be a better place.

This is my daddy and me during a horse show of my brother's in the 80's. I was actually sitting on the horse, and Daddy was telling me exactly what I was supposed to do on the horse in the arena. Being the precocious 5 year old I was, he loves to tell people the expression on my face here is saying, "Would you just shut up and let me ride this horse!" I know he has never seen this look again in the last 27 years...

This is what the family likes to call my dad's "glamour shot." He actually had these made for my mom when they were in college as a gift. I think he was a real cutie!

And this is him with my Carter. The look on Cart's face should say it all. I'm sure 'Big Daddy' was in the middle of a joke or story, while Cart was looking at the camera saying, "Yeah, right..." These two are the best of buddies.

Happy Fathers' Day, Daddy!