Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I'll start off by saying how much I adore this time of year. It makes me only appreciate God's creation even more. All around us are signs of his never-ending love for his children. This week, we have been on our spring break, and I'll have to say I have tried my best to take time to enjoy my wonderful family and life. (including playing Star Wars, super heroes, and Tuff Puppy, all wrong, according to Cart... he is very bossy and never lets me have weapons, eventhough he gets all the cool stuff like shields, swords, and fire suits while I'm stuck with a golf club, dangerous...)

Second, I am so blessed to have a wonderful, hard working, kind, good-looking, hunny of a husband (of almost 8 years) and a precious, mischievious, hilarious, healthy, bad little boy. I feel like I don't stop and say thanks for all the awesome things God has blessed me with often enough. I also feel very blessed to have a talent of painting and creating things that bring smiles to faces and hearts.

Happy early spring, everybody... I hope you'll stop to enjoy it.


Carey said...

I love spring too! Always points me straight to the Father!

Kim Danley said...

and i think you are thankful for a good luggage rack... LOL... poor canon rebel, bet that was a rough trip for the ol fellow!!