Wednesday, February 17, 2010

snow for the south...

Our driveway
Carter eating snow in his playhouse

Cart's snow angel (in the back of the truck)

our puny, Charlie Brown, snowman

Just had to post a few pics of our snow day last Friday. Carter had been arguing with us since December that we were gonna have snow. Every time, we would try to explain that it hardly ever snows down here. Well, when he woke up to a white yard Friday, his response was, "See, I told you I needed ice skates."


Carey said...

Your driveway looks like a postcard! We had so much fun in the snow too! Can't believe it actually "stuck"!

kandik22 said...

Ha! Your driveway does look gorgeous! How do you post text between pictures? I can't ever figure it out.

Bee-Vine Creations said...

Post your pics first, then go back and add text. Thanks, guls!