Tuesday, January 26, 2010

sweet baby cole...

Last week, one of my oldest friends, Tracey, had her third sweet baby. The other cool fact is that she is married to another swell buddy of mine, her high school (since the 10th grade) sweetheart, Kent. Sweet baby, Cole, is so lucky to have such a wonderful family to come home to.
The canvas above is going over his crib, to match the bedding (also above).

The second picture is proof of our lengthy friendship. This was on my 6th birthday. As you can see, Tracey is posing for the camera, I am very enthralled by the cool Cabage Patch Kid soap she gave me, and Georganna, well I really don't know what George is doing here.... Weren't we a hoot!? How about those outfits?... Can't you hear the 80's calling? (Especially with that rockin' printed shirt on the table I had already opened from Meg.)

Good times & great memories... congratulations Kent & Tracey!


Robin said...

I am thankful more and more that we did not know each other when we were children! Your pictures would be just to much for me to handle. LOL! I so know that Tracey and George appreciate you sharing with the world that picture.

Tracey said...

Thanks Sarah! The canvas looks great above his crib. You do such a great job. Love the retro pic! Especially love the great haircut I'm sporting and I do remember that outfit, it was my fave! Just remember I have PLENTY of time while I'm on maternity leave to go through some pics of my own! Revenge is coming! Can't believe how long ago that pic was. We are 30 soon to be 31 yr olds...CRAZY! Love ya girl..Tracey